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A wonderful morning catching up with Dave Strohmaier at the Cinerama Dome where I got to have a good poke around the bio box. Later Dave and Carin-Anne treated us to dinner at the Smoke House restaurant opposite the Warners Lott. We were joined by fellow documentarian Harrison Engle. It was a great night surrounded by great company and Hollywood history. The cherry on the cake was when Dave said he saw Clint Eastwood sitting in my seat the week previous.

Four days of shoot fuelled mayhem came to a peak with the American Cinémathèque at Graumans Egyptian Theatre. We spoke to Paul Rayton & Ben Tucker, (past and present Egyptian projectionists) Dennis Bartok, (co author of A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies), Mike Schleiger (Past Graumans Chinese projectionist) & Paul Smith Jr, (theatre tech). Between these guys there’s decades of experience and story’s ranging from 3 strip at the Cinerama Dome to the first Showscan demonstrations in the eighties.

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Rob (Bert)

Bert Murphy