The American Odyssey begins.


So it begins and we’ve literally hit the ground running with an appointment straight off the plane. I don’t recommend driving on the wrong side of the road for the first time in L.A while jet lagged but this first interview was worth it.


Leonard Maltin is a man who needs no introduction to people who love the movies. He was gracious, generous and as always knowledgeable and passionate. Although two hours in customs and a lethargic computer system at Hertz made us an hour late there was still time to chat about Cinerama, why we need to hang onto film and Michael Todd’s ability to talk anyone into anything; including marriage to Elizabeth Taylor.


A consumate professional; note the ACMI clapper pin worn especially for our interview. It was my distinct pleasure to meet him.

So much more to come. We’ll be moving pretty quickly but i’ll try and find time to post some highlights. Thanks again to everyone that helped in making this to happen.

Rob (Bert)

Bert Murphy