Got access to a forgotten local cinema this week. A survivor. Still in tact and being used for furniture storage. It’s a familiar story for many many suburban and country screens across Australia and for that matter, the world. What is unusual about this one is the bio box. 

The ports are sealed and the projectors long gone but scissor switches, dimmer wrack and meter board with heat extraction fan above... all still there and some still supplied with power!

We even found a hessian bag full of carbon arc rod ends in a collapsing cupboard. 

That this space has gone completely untouched through a 35 year history of bingo hall, sweat shop and now furniture warehouse is remarkable. An added bonus for my over worked crew.

The best part was the man who last ran it as a cinema up until 1985 showed me around. I can’t imagine how it must have felt for him.


Thanks Brian

Bert Murphy