A day in Portland


A single day in Portland found us at the Hollywood Theatre where we got the tour of this magnificent ninety three year old picture palace from programmer, projectionist and film archeologist Dan Halsted. Dan found more than 200, 35mm prints from famous Hong Kong Kung Fu studio, Shaw Brothers under the stage of a derelict cinema that closed in 1985. This find represents the only known copies of most of these films.

It’s that ‘Indiana Jones’ moment that every film collector dreams of and a fascinating story. Dan also led us backstage where we saw the Cinerama frame used in the very successful three strip era here at the Hollywood. Interestingly it followed; not preceded a season of Windjammer in Cinemiracle.


We’re now slowly working our way down the east coast towards the Mostly Lost festival at The Library of Congress. More stories when I have a minute.

Rob (Bert)

Bert Murphy