I've always loved a good visual metaphor. In my youth (as a photography student) I dragged a couple of tv's, a portable generator and a VHS player onto a beach in the search for that perfect neo futurist image. I wasn't as organised back then. The walk from the car park to the beach wasn't as close as I remembered it. About a km. The generator weighed about 80 kgs and the tv's weren't much lighter. But in fading light we got the shot.

These days I've come to understand that no matter how much planning you do and how organised you might be, there is always room for the unexpected. Film making IS the art of compromise. A golden rule. You've just got to go with the flow. However, on this particular occasion everything went perfectly resulting in some striking footage. 

The Bauer B14 looked evokative yet peaceful under the wispy clouds of an Australian autumn sunset and as the fog rolled in, we felt compelled to wrap him up in a doona to spend a cold night alone under the stars. 


What purpose in a documentary about film in the digital age could this serve? You'll just have to wait for the premier... and yes; it's coming. I promise.

As always a BIG thanks to my amazing D.O.P Joanne and to farmer Mike for the use of his mighty Fendt and beautiful farm.




Bert Murphy