Radio Springs Hotel


Lately we've been doing a bit of shooting in country Victoria at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville. It's run by friend, colleague and Australian projectionist legend, Ken Parfrey.  I used to work with Ken at a very challenging complex in Melbourne’s inner north. At the time there were 11 screens (now 15) spread out over 5 levels. Not only did it stretch our wits as film projectionists but it created a shoulder to shoulder, 'in the trenches' kind of camaraderie that has stayed with me.

That unique melding of showman, artist & technician is something that never leaves a projectionist and so adjoining the hotel is a beautiful private theatrette adorned with all the flotsam and jetsam of Kens career, who's experience spans decades with anacdotes-a-plenty and on this particular evening he has a show running while we record our interview.  

Ken couch.jpg

Suddenly in the middle of camera rolling, a panicked staff member bursts into the room saying, 'the film has stopped'. The projy adrenalin kicks in for both of us and minutes later (to save the show) I find myself running through the rain to assist Ken in pulling out a zennon cable from an old lamphouse rusting in a spider infested shed out back. With our main camera in-situ, I'm endoubted to my brilliant cinematographer, Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith for having the creative presence to wip out her iPhone and capture the whole thing; gorilla style.

Projector save.jpg

Couldn't have planned this it better! Priceless footage.



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