Massachusetts. Doug Trumbull


The breath taking beauty of Massachusetts was a real surprise and driving to our next location was the best way to appreciate it. We were on the road to speak to a man I have admired all my life. He’s worked on many of my favourite films and continues to be a visionary driving force behind many, many cinematic techniques.


His name is Douglas Trumbull and he’s still shaping why people should get out of their living rooms and go to the movies. We talked about his experiences with Stanley Kubrick on 2001: A Space Odyssey, directing one of my favourite films, Silent Running and how HFR (high frame rate) is the future of cinema. A real treat was to be invited to experience his new capture, projection and exhibition process called Magi. This ground breaking system continues on from his 70mm Showscan process and incorporates 120 fps, 4k, 3D (60 each eye) with multi Chanel, vibrotactile surround sound (yes, like sensurround) on a wall to ceiling specially curved high reflective screen. To top it off the whole package can be screened using standard DCI 4K equipment (without the vibrating bit) allready installed all over the world OR it can be screened in the Magipod; a prefabricated, 100 seat cinema that comes in a box and can be erected in less than a week - anywhere! And before you get that ‘Hobbit video look’ on your face, after watching Doug’s test short UFOTOG I was quite simply, stunned.


Firstly, none of that video look that people objected to in The Hobbit was evident. It’s incredibly sharp, present and cinematic. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Oh and you will get to experience part of the Magi experience quite soon because Ange Lees’ new film, Gemini Man has been shot in the process and will be getting a high frame rate release. Judge for yourself.


Doug was extremely generous with his time and a really nice guy to boot. What’s that they say about meeting your idols…

I stayed focused and professional until just before we left when the fan boy coudln’t help by emerge after I saw the helmet from Brainstorm sitting on a shelf.


Rob (Bert)

Bert Murphy