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Well, either you've subscribed to, someone has suggest you subscribe to, you've been directly involved in, or you've shown some interest in the production of the documentary feature film Splice here: A Projected Odyssey.

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You can read a synopsis for the film on the home page for this blog but briefly: some years ago, as a filmmaker and projectionist, I took it upon myself to document a piece of the projected film era, before it was all gone.  I had no idea what the film would be back then, only that I had to capture this world that was vanishing quickly and without ceremony. But as we scrambled to keep one step ahead of the decommissionings and the metal merchants, a bigger story evolved and took shape. 

So here we are. It's five years later and I can now see an end to the production period. So I thought it was time to step up the online presence for the film for all who may be interested. I'll be posting new shooting expeditions plus some of the great stuff we already have in the can. Thanks for being a part of this remarkable adventure so far.


Bert Murphy