U.K. filming wrapped

The last few seconds of light setting on our final shot beside the Thames

Phew! Our last couple of days filming in the U.K. were jam-packed with great footage, logistical deadlines and creative challenges. Our last morning at Bradford was one of the most important parts of the trip and I think the most stressful. Elaborate setups always take longer and test creative decision making on the fly. We finally got our new rubber tracks out for a few fancy shots in front of the giant Cinerama screen.

Certainly 'in the picture' for the famous roller-coaster sequence from This is Cinerama

Getting it done

And with the punters for the next session sitting down to opening credits as we were bumping out, we got what we needed, just. Next was a mad rush back to the hotel to pack and run for the train with minutes to spare. Then the joy of two hours of zigzagging across the London Underground during rush hour in order to find lifts between line changes. This was because we were lugging over 40 kilos each in equipment. Not something I'd recomend.

Wishing we had a real travel budget

Then, our last day was an unexpected and wonderful bonus. Big thanks to Brian Robinson and Alexa Raisbeck who, on short notice, gave us a comprehensive afternoon at the BFI Southbank, where we had a lovely chat and tour of one of the few certified nitrate projection booths in the world.

Loved the dramatic touch of the skull graphic

So ends our English odyssey. We saw some amazing projection sites and made a lot of new friends. Next... the U.S.

Souvenir; 6 perf test loop burnout


Bert Murphy